SOLS edu Pro is the premier English learning app to help you master business English and increase your earning potential. Our methodologies are based on more than 30 years of R&D and 18 years of project implementation. With the benefits of digital education and practice, we make English accessible to all.

As an organisation that has been championing education for almost 20 years, we completely understand the frustration you face when it comes to limited English skills. Language barriers are no fun and can be a serious obstacle to climbing the ladder at work or in your search for better opportunities.

Brought to you by the same creators of SOLS edu, a structured online learning system that brings digital education to underserved communities in Malaysia, SOLS edu Pro utilises proven SOLS methodology and is Cambridge-aligned, ensuring you are eligible to sit for the Cambridge exam after going through our lessons.

With proper English proficiency, you will be ready to ace that job interview, travel to any country, watch that latest Hollywood blockbuster without subtitles, or even have an eye-opening conversation with tourists. With SOLS edu Pro, English is available for anyone, regardless of your background, age or current proficiency.

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