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Our English learning app will help you master business English. Choose to learn English from Malay or Mandarin with SOLS edu Pro!
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SOLS edu Pro is the premier English learning app

to help you master English for the office. Increase your earning potential when you complete our Work Essential English and Business Essential English courses.

Complete our business English course and qualify to sit for a Cambridge English exam.

Impress employers with a Google for Education accreditation on your certificate!

We are a MSC Malaysia status company.

Your Cambridge English Certificate Journey With SOLS edu Pro


Subscribe to WEE/BEE

Subscribe to Work Essential English or Business Essential English Course.


Complete the Course

Make sure to complete the course with a minimum grade of 70% to be eligible for the exam.


Send Email Or WhatsApp

Send an email to [email protected] or send us a WhatsApp via the app.


Pay for Cambridge Exam Package

Make payment for either the A2 Key (KET) or B1 Business Preliminary (BECP).


Take English Placement Test

Take an English Placement test online.


Attend Preparation Webinar

Our SOLS edu Pro trainers will conduct a 6-8 hour webinar to prepare you for the exam and decide on the best exam date for you.


Take Cambridge English Exam

Arrive at the exam location 1 hour early for registration and more.


Get Your Cambridge English Certificate

Congratulations! You can now use your certificate for university or job applications!

Why Learn English?

By learning English with SOLS edu Pro, you will be ready to ace that job interview, travel to any country, watch that latest Hollywood blockbuster without subtitles, or even have an eye-opening conversation with any tourist.

SOLS edu Pro Courses

SOLS edu Pro Features

  • Interactive Lessons

    SOLS edu Pro uses video and audio tutorials, picture-word association, fill-in-the-blanks, and multiple choices to make learning English an interactive adventure.

  • Gamification

    SOLS edu Pro utilizes competitions, clear goals and immediate feedback in all our lessons to keep you actively learning.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    See your results in real-time, evaluate your performance, and repeat lessons so you can continue improving your English with SOLS edu Pro.

  • Multi-Language Learning

    Learn English for work from your local language. SOLS edu Pro currently supports Malay and Mandarin, and we’re working hard to bring you more!

  • Low Cost

    Get access to high-quality business English courses at an affordable price with SOLS edu Pro. No need to hire a tutor or attend classes!

Learn English at home with SOLS edu Pro.

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