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Work Essential English

Learn how to communicate in English at work and in everyday life. Upon completion, learners will have basic English language proficiency.

Storytelling for Better Public Speaking

Storytelling is a versatile tool that can be used to better communicate mission, vision and values, regardless of context.

Business Essential English

Learn how to use English for professional purposes and for everyday business. Upon completion, learners will have intermediate English language proficiency.

Give a Speech That People Will Remember

This webinar is a compact guide that offers easily digestible solutions for crafting the speech, familiarizing with persuasive and rhetorical techniques, methods for fighting off public speaking anxiety as well as powerful vocabulary.

Assertive Communication

Assertive communication is a tool that lowers stress level and foster an open and respectful workplace communication while allowing employees to navigate through conflict objectively.

Cover Letter for a Winning Job Application

The cover letter plays the role to introduce the candidate to the hiring official and to generate interest towards the candidate’s resume, thus increasing their chances to pass the first filter in the job application process.

Confidence and Persuasion for Sales and Work

This course targets issues of confidence and persuasion, with an approach to the psychology behind persuasion, building and understanding the importance of confidence and identifying prospect’s needs.

Effective Phone and Video Communication

This course takes a look at the different types of business communication and how best they can be used to deliver information within the organisation and externally with emphasis on etiquette.

Email Writing for Professionals

Email writing techniques for professionals helps in bringing a better understanding of the functions and roles that are played by knowing how to effectively communicate via emails.

Manager of the Year: How to Delegate and Give Feedback

Effective managers know what responsibilities to delegate to allow themselves time to plan, to collaborate with others in the organization, and to monitor the performance of their employees.

Resume Writing for the Win

The Resume Writing for the Win course helps young professionals to develop a resume that can make them stand out and give them a higher chance to be invited to the job interview.