Daniela Strîmbei

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Daniela Strîmbei
Executive Director & Senior Director - Education

With 5+ years of project management and training experience in international non-formal education in Europe, and 1 year in a multinational corporation in Romania, Daniela moved to Malaysia in 2014 to start working in grassroots education, currently being the Executive Director of SOLS 24/7 Foundation.

To her, impactful education is the one that not only informs but transforms; the kind of holistic education that converts into the objectives of the learner, be those further studies, work or spiritual enlightenment. Because she feels that this type of science-based, transformative education is not yet equally available for everybody, but a luxury for some, she decided to join efforts with Malaysian education providers to create more such opportunities.

She believes that the most important mission each individual has is becoming the best that one can be. What makes her heart sing is to generate a positive change for the people around her, so she works to help others grow towards becoming the truest, highest version of themselves.

Currently, she is in charge of the overall operations of the Foundation, as the Executive Director, with a higher contribution of expertise in the Education department, as the Senior Director of Education. She guides and enables the education team to secure the quality and relevance of educational programmes and high standards in programme delivery.