Danutcha Catriona Singh

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Danutcha Catriona Singh
Managing Director

Danutcha Catriona Singh is the Managing Director of SOLS 24/7 Foundation.

After winning the title of Miss MalaysiaIndian 2003, Danutcha was selected for a cultural exchange program to Cambodia. There she met with the Malaysian Ambassador to Cambodia, the Minister of Woman and Community Affairs, along with various NGO’s, to get a clearer idea of the struggles faced by Cambodian women and children.

She was also part of a week-long recce mission to Banda Aceh, Indonesia, after the tsunami disaster in 2004, where she met with displaced villagers and assisted in translation for the foreign aid workers.

With what she’d seen burning in the back of her head, Danutcha acquired a degree in Communications from Murdoch University, Australia. While still in university, she spearheaded an Alzheimer’s disease awareness campaign for the Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM), while participating in various cancer and HIV/AIDS campaigns in universities and colleges throughout Malaysia.

After graduation she worked as an editor with national broadcaster, Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) and as a journalist with the New Straits Times. During this time she was part of various community service projects.

She then took a bold step to join SOLS 24/7 as a volunteer in Timor Leste. She made the decision to continue in the humanitarian sector upon her return to Malaysia. As SOLS 24/7 expanded, Teacher Danu, as she was then known, took on ever-increasing responsibilities until she found herself in her current position, leading the humanitarian troops.

She strongly believes that the success of the various programmes and projects run by SOLS 24/7 is a testament to the wonderful women and men who are and have been a part of #teamSOLS.