Fazhar Bin Sharin

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Fazhar Bin Sharin
Senior Manager - Education

An Educator that emphasizes lesson delivery with tailored character building, because everyone can teach a topic but adding a personal touch to it is what the students deserve. Since 2012, Fazhar has garnered teaching experience from a variety of platforms - from secondary school exam prep classes, home tutoring, motivation camps, to government and corporate companies - teaching Cambridge English Foundation, soft skills and personal development courses.

Those whom he impacted are school students, underprivileged communities, homeless people, government officials, as well as corporate executives and managers, ranging from 7 to 65 years old. Underprivileged or not, every individual deserves to learn and be involved in their personal change. With hiccups in resources, mindset and attitude - equality in education is a Rubik's cube waiting to be solved.

Through SOLS 24/7, Fazhar seeks to scale his mission of achieving equality in education through training local and international individuals to be educators alongside collaborating with team members to design, pilot and reimagine courses relevant to both global and local audiences, with culture being its core.

Anyone can teach how to be confident, but our team does it in an insightfully exciting and inspiring way.