Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh

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Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh
Founder-CEO, Education Revolutionist

Leading a team of passionate change-makers is education revolutionist and social entrepreneur; Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh.

As one of the most successful, multi-award-winning humanitarian and social entrepreneurs in Malaysia with more than 21 years in the social service sector, he began his career at 17-years old, selling his material possessions as he co-founded an NGO amid the social and financial poverty of Cambodia to provide free education and personal development to Cambodian youths.

Currently, Teacher Raj is the Founder-CEO of

  • SOLS 24/7 Foundation - A tax-exempted foundation serving, educating and empowering the Bottom 40%
  • SOLS Energy - One of the top Green Technology startups backed by Petronas and 500 startups
  • SOLS edu - Premier language learning app and MSC status company

Through SOLS 24/7, he has designed and implemented education and community development programmes for entire communities. Using his innate entrepreneurial strengths, Teacher Raj pioneered the concept of blending the worlds of social service (NGO) and entrepreneurship. In 2010, he set up SOLS Social Enterprises, from the start-up stage to a multi-million Ringgit organization within nine months. SOLS Social Enterprises focuses on four sectors, Education, Technology, Mental Health and Renewable Energy, all of which play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life of anyone and everyone regardless of their race, gender, culture and age.

He won the prestigious Best Sustainability Leader award (2018) by EUMCCI. He was the first and only Malaysian awarded the Ford Fellows (2015), with a fellowship program at Colombia University & YALE, New York as well as being elected Deputy Lab Leader for the Ministry of Defence Malaysia National Service Programme 2.0 (PLKN) (2015). Most recently, Teacher Raj was elected President of TeAM (Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia) in 2019. His life mission is to create a platform for all those who want to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. He firmly believes that serving and educating others can be made into a way of life that anyone can and should assume. This belief manifests in his propensity to share knowledge and actively engage in his personality as a Teacher-Leader and mentor.

SOLS 24/7 represents his vision for this belief. It is a focus lens that collects talent, hard work and raw passion of hundreds of individuals, refines them in the forge of his leadership, then directs this remarkable energy towards the underprivileged communities in Malaysia and Indonesia.

For more on Teacher Raj, visit website www.teacherraj.com or follow him on:
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