Tommy Wong

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Tommy Wong
Web App Developer

Started as a self-taught developer, Tommy learned programming and web development in his little room located in Ipoh. He earned Computer Science certifications including Harvard's CS50 Introduction to Programming and CS50's Game Development, as well as Web Development certificates from FreeCodeCamp. Prior to pursuing a Software Engineering degree in university, Tommy was employed by AppPay Sdn. Bhd. as a Mobile/Web App Developer. During his employment, he built more than 3 apps on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and the web. He was also working as a Freelancer for projects with clients all around the world through the Upwork platform.

In March 2021, Tommy joined SOLS 24/7 as a Web App Developer. His role includes supporting the Tech team with web app development. When not working, Tommy indulges himself in badminton, fitness, and driving around, exploring Ipoh. He also plays musical instruments such as the drumset, timpani, marimba, dulcimer and more, and he is pretty good at it! You know where to find Tommy if you wish to learn programming and music!